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Lensmeter:CT4221 (pc)



1. Range of Diopter measurement: from 0D to ± 20D

2. Minimum scale value: 0.125D at 0D to ± 5D, 0.25 at ± 5D to ± 20D

3. Astigmatism axis of cylindric lens: 0 to 180º, minimum scale value 5º

4. Prism base angle: 0 to 180º, minimum scale value 5º

5. Regulation of ocular visibility: ± 5D

6. Size of lens: 30mm to 90mm

7. Overall dimensions of device: 46cm(L) x 17cm(W) x 24cm(H)

8. Weight: 7.35kgs

9. Lighting lamp: 110v-25W



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