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Ballbearing Screwdriver with 2 Blades: K251 (pc)

Flat Blade: 1.5mm (K254) Flat Blade: 2.0mm (K255)

Brass screwdriver with 2 Blades: S20 (pc)

Flat Blade: 1.5mm (S175) Philips: 1.5mm (S178)

Locknut Set: K201 (pc)

Handel + 5 Nut Wrenches : Star 2.2mm (K284) & 2.5mm ...

Magnetic Screw catcher G611

Magnetic Screw catcher G611

Replacement Blades for K361: K444 (3pcs)

Blades: 1.25mm (K463) & 1.5mm (K462) & 2.0mm (K461)

Replacement Blades for S90, S91, K291 : S122 (3pcs)

Flat Blade 2.2mm & Phillips 2.5mm

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